Coming Unstuck

"Coming Unstuck" (2007) relates the challenges of new parents to cope with a sleepless child. Rocking the baby becomes a vibration, passed from one dancer to another, which is interrupted by heaving sobs.

The dancers rest against a wall, which serves as their bed. The impossibility of getting to sleep is underscored by the fact that they are not lying down.

The dancers’ rocking reflects the tumbling surge of a waterfall. Fluid blue patterns on the costumes, inspired by Hokusai prints, enhance this imagery. The dancers shower the wall.

At one point, the trio lies upon the floor next to the wall. Yet, even here, they have no peace. One by one, they jerk upward, startled awake in the night, and must be coaxed back down.

The soundscore develops the theme of constant movement. Energetic city noises, a train pulling into a station, water spraying from a hose, and thumping machine sounds, punctuate the dancers’ rhythms.