Human Landscape Dance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the District of Columbia dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of contemporary dance. Our organization has three programs:

  1. Performance. We perform excellent dance. Our work relies on the physical intimacy of close contact among a core of strong movers. This intimacy heightens the urgency of the characters’ motivations. We portray people in conflict: lovers sharing a bed while one sleeps, but the other can’t; members of a family with opposing designs to leave or to keep everyone together; an older couple trying to remember what it was they used to share...our dances depict the human landscape of our urban lives—tumultuous, crowded, alternately affectionate and hostile. Find out more about our upcoming performance. Watch clips from our performances and rehearsals on our youtube channel.
  2. Education. We specialize in university-quality dance education for adult movers of all skill levels. We have offered workshops in contact improvisation, repertory and performance, Somatics through Bartenieff Fundamentals, and a historical survey of modern dance. Our goal is to offer rich dance education at a price that makes it accessible to more people. We offer annual winter workshops in the Washington DC area, as well as abroad through our Cultural Exchange program. Read about our recent workshop in Prague, Czech Republic.
  3. Cultural Exchange. We are an international dance company. We create opportunities to share performances and classes with artists in different parts of the world, as well as in the United States. Each of our cultural exchanges has enlarged our vision as artists, exposing us to work we would not have come across otherwise, and exposing new audiences and students to our own work. Dancers with whom we have collaborated include: We have shared the stage with musicians Andre Cutair in the DC area, Maya Jobarteh in London, and Hearn Gadbois in the Czech Republic.
    Read more about our Cultural Exchanges in Bogota and Nova Scotia.

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Mac leaping in January Night

Human Landscape Dance is the trade name of Writer's Way, Inc., eid# 52-2316308