Dancing in an Airy Space

It's been over three weeks since we returned from London and I've continued to have great feelings about the trip. I was excited to go, mostly because it seemed so cool to perform abroad, but also because the fact that I was going simply as one of Mac's dancers meant I could step back from taking a leadership role in my life for a while. That's what's so great about being a dancer in someone else's company--they might ask from time to time what you think of a particular movement, but generally you just take orders and try to perform them well. That's how I was viewing the London trip: just following along. 

Of course, it wasn't quite that simple. We operated as a group, and we all had to pull our weight and help with making decisions and executing them. And getting to know the others--Mac and his wife and daughter, and Alex--as travel partners was very trippy and interesting, something that I'm positive brought us closer as people and company members.

But what I really got from the trip was a feeling of spaciousness and air that came from having few responsibilities. I'm grateful for that. Our performance--the whole reason we were there--was lovely, and even though we had virtually no audience, we all took it seriously and I think it went well. But not having watchers also gave it a sense of lightness that's unusual for a performance--as if the outcome matter too much.

All of my other recollections about the trip--spending hours sitting around the table, watching Mac do his warmup on the kitchen floor, wandering around the leafy Chelsea streets--buttressed that sense that we had space and time and nothing mattered too much. It was a wonderful feeling, a balm for my soul.

But while we were wandering around, I had a vision of an entirely different London trip: one where we would perform in the city's gorgeous parks twice a day, with a hat out for tips and a driving rationale for being there, something that would bring people out to see us. A very proactive, muscular type of trip. Maybe next time.


I loved the breezy imagery!

I loved the breezy imagery!