Eliza Talbott in Swans, by Human Landscape Dance

Human Landscape Dance presents "Shades" and the dance video "Swans" on Sunday Oct 2, 2016, from 5:15-6:15pm in the Parish Hall of St Monica and St James Church, 222 8th St NE, Washington DC. This contemporary dance performance is appropriate for all ages. The DC contact improvisation jam runs from 2-5pm that afternoon: we invite all to come dance with us, then stay to watch our new work. Admission is free, but we welcome dontations for our spring 2018 trip to make a dance video in Japan. For more information: inquiries at hldance.org, 202 577 9997.

"Shades" is a revision of the "Kingdom of the Shades" section of the classical ballet La Bayadere. It is a meditation on grief, and questions our culture's tendency to view heaven as a land of endless repetition. The original "Kingdom of the Shades" is more a wish for contentment with the status quo, than an embracing of inevitable change. 

We shot the dance video "Swans" at Le Abbaye Royale du Moncel in Pontpoint France in summer 2015. This will be the premiere viewing of our work there. "Swans" (2015) is our modern retelling of Swan Lake. To deconstruct this tragic ballet about a prince who cannot decide between a white swan and a black swan, we created four swans for him to vacillate over: white, black, red, and gray. Our version disputes the underlying assumption of the ballet that all women are interchangeable.  

Human Landscape Dance plans to shoot video next in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. Look for announcements on this website as we gear up for the trip, scheduled for early 2018.