Medusa Dance Video: Watch It Online!

See the world premiere of Cinderella on Saturday January 4, 2014, at 8pm in the Modern Moves Festival at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, in Washington DC, 1333 H St NE.

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Watch our new dance video Medusa online!

Description: Created in collaboration with videographer Denaise Seals, Medusa is an adaptation of our stage dance of the same name, featuring the original cast: Heather Doyle (Medusa), Alexander Short (Athena), and Malcolm Shute (Perseus). It was filmed on location at the Herring Point beach in Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware. The dancers reveal conflict in this tense story by flying and falling against crashing waves and rough sand. Don't miss this exciting new work!

Alexander Short and Heather Doyle in Medusa. Photo by Siobhan Hanna.

Behind the Scenes: Read the Artistic Director's reflections on our June 2013 videoshoot of Medusa:

"It was wonderful to have Denaise there, questioning everything. 'Why do you and Alex fight afterward? After all, Perseus did what Athena told him to do.' It was a metaphor for how puny Perseus was in this game of immortals. Medusa was just a punching bag for Athena; Perseus, her glove."

Alexander Short and Malcolm Shute in Medusa

About Us: Human Landscape Dance is an internationally known contemporary dance company based in Washington DC. “…Human Landscape Dance explored the underbelly of myths and folk tales with ingenious choreography and staging by founder Malcolm Shute,” Pamela Squires, Washington Post. Our work relies on the physical intimacy of close contact among a core of strong movers. We portray people in conflict: lovers sharing a bed while one sleeps, but the other can’t; members of a family with opposing designs to leave, or to keep everyone together; an older couple trying to remember what it was they used to share—the human landscape of our urban lives: tumultuous, crowded, alternately affectionate and hostile. Founded in 2006, Human Landscape Dance has presented work in Europe and North and South America. Artistic Director Malcolm Shute has led workshops in Laban Movement Analysis, contact improvisation, dance and mythology, modern/contemporary dance, and somatics in the US and abroad.

Malcolm Shute, Heather Doyle, Alexander Short in Aurora's Dream

Coming Soon: We are seeking support for our next dance video project, a filming of Aurora's Dream. Projected for Summer 2014, Human Landscape Dance is discussing a two-day shoot in Virginia's Grand Caverns. We are excited by this opportunity to perform in one of the world's most beautiful caves! Please help to fund the event.

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Photos on this Page: by Siobhan Hanna.