In the Time Before I Knew You: Dances of Making Contact

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In the Time Before I knew You: Dances of Making Contact is a concert by Human Landscape Dance of Washington DC, Vannia Ibarguen of Lima, Peru, and Vervet Dance of Philadelphia. The dances share a theme of first meetings and relationships changing over time. Human Landscape Dance will restage “Aurora’s Dream,” which takes place within the unconscious mind of Sleeping Beauty during her long wait to meet her prince. Ibarguen premieres “Inhabited Woman,” a moving portrayal of pregnancy and slow dancing with the unborn. Vervet Dance premieres “Swarm!” a fun depiction of locusts as they invade our city. The artists appear together for one night only: Sunday June 29 at 8pm at the Jack Guidone Theater of the Joy of Motion Dance Center in the Friendship Heights Neighborhood of Washington DC.

Malcolm Shute and Alexander Short in Aurora's Dream

Described as “…a cross between Disneyland and Hieronymus Bosch” by the Washington Post, “Aurora’s Dream” depicts the heroine’s nightmare. Her sleep is troubled by a fairy who launches herself in the air, but fails to fly; restless spirits that prowl the edges of the stage, drawn to the light; and a prince who skulks just behind her, breathing down her neck. Performing blindfolded, the stunning Nicole McClam wrestles with the prince to clear her mind and wake herself up. “Inhabited Woman” peels back layers from the experience of pregnancy. Ibarguen performs this solo as a trio, partnering with her video-projected self and her silhouette: she is alone, but multiple; solid, but evanescent; both herself as she used to be, and the child that is to be. With shadow puppets as alter egos, Ibarguen explores what it means to share a body in a culture that only recognizes individuals. A large group structured improvisation, the cicadas in “Swarm!” represented by touring Vervet dancers and local artists, emerge from the shadows to encounter each other. Their energy builds to a ravening hunger as they swarm, change color, and flutter between seats. They bring the hot summer night alive with memories of the 17-year cicada brood.

Vannia Ibarguen in Inhabited Woman

Human Landscape Dance will also premiere “Persephone and Demeter.” Our vision of Persephone emphasizes her relationship with her mother, fertility goddess Demeter. Nicole McClam tries to comfort and console her depressed teenaged daughter, played by Eliza Talbott, who shakes off the tender hands. Suffering binds Persephone and her mother: Persephone returns to the light of day, but only briefly. Vervet Dance will premiere “Installment 2 (Purple)” in which dancer, costume, and music meet to represent purple, through an enduring and slowly changing ritual performance.

Vervet Dance

Due to Ibarguen’s travel schedule, In the Time Before I knew You: Dances of Making Contact will be presented one night only. Space is limited. To reserve your ticket, click here. Jack Guidone Theater is located at 5207 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC, a short walk from the Jenifer Street exit at the Friendship Heights Metro on the Red Line.