In the Time Before I Knew You: Dances of Making Contact

In the Time Before I knew You: Dances of Making Contact is a shared dance concert by Human Landscape Dance of Washington DC and Santa Fe artists Sarah Ashkin and Brittany Delany, Sophia Rog, and Amina Re. The dances share a theme of first meetings and relationships changing over time. Human Landscape Dance will premiere “Aurora’s Dream,” and “Persephone and Demeter;” Sophia Rog will premiere "The River Here and There." "Aurora's Dream" takes place within the unconscious mind of Sleeping Beauty during her long wait to meet her prince. "The River Here and There" introduces one river to another. In the Time Before I Knew You: Dances of Making Contact opens at 8pm on Saturday August 9, 2014, at the Railyard Performance Center, 1611 Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe NM.

Participants in our CONTACT IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP are also invited to perform in In the Time Before I Knew You. (Workshop cost covers performance admission.)

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Friday Aug 8: Contact Improvisation Workshop Part 1, 7-9pm

Saturday Aug 9: Contact Improvisation Workshop Part 2, 2-4pm

In the Time Before I Knew You Performance (followed by jam), 8-10:30pm

Santa Fe Workshop and Performance

Alexander Short and Malcolm Shute in Aurora's Dream

Described as “…a cross between Disneyland and Hieronymus Bosch” by the Washington Post, “Aurora’s Dream” depicts the heroine’s nightmare. Her sleep is troubled by a fairy who launches herself in the air, but fails to fly; restless spirits that prowl the edges of the stage, drawn to the light; and a prince who skulks just behind her, breathing down her neck. Performing blindfolded, the stunning Nicole McClam wrestles with the prince to clear her mind and wake herself up. Our vision of Persephone emphasizes her relationship with her mother, fertility goddess Demeter. Nicole McClam tries to comfort and console her depressed teenaged daughter, played by Eliza Talbott, who shakes off the tender hands. Suffering binds Persephone and her mother: Persephone returns to the light of day, but only briefly.

Sophia Rog will present "The River Here and There," a solo inspired by the juxtaposition of two rivers: the Upper Iowa River, which runs through her small hometown in NE Iowa, and the Santa Fe River, near which she now lives. Her work often includes song and text, and this piece is created to an original score by John DeHaven of Madison WI.

Alexander Short and Amanda Abrams in Penelope and Odysseus

In the Time Before I knew You: Dances of Making Contact will be presented one night only. Space is limited. This 1-hour performance is followed by an open contact improvisation jam, so come dressed to dance! Produced in association with the Railyard Performance Center.