Press Release: DC/Philadelphia Exchange July 9, 10, 2011

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Human Landscape Dance and

Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Company


The Washington Dc/Philadelphia Exchange with

Two Washington DC Premieres

July 9-10, 2011


For Immediate Release   June 8, 2011   Philadelphia, PA

Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Company (AMM & DCO) and Human Landscape Dance (HLD) present the Washington DC/Philadelphia Exchange concert featuring two companies, two visions and three works. The performances will take place Saturday July 9 at 8:00pm and Sunday, July 10 at 7:00pm, Dance Place, 3225 8th Street NE, Washington, DC.

AMM & DCO makes its Washington DC debut with the premiere of SALT, a 37-minute work choreographed by artistic director Anne-Marie Mulgrew for her ensemble of six dancers developed in collaboration with filmmaker Carmella Vassor-Johnson. Inspired by Mark Kurlansky’s book, “Salt, a World History,” SALT, (a dreamscape meditation) investigates sensations, memories and rituals associated with salt, a vital component in the functioning of cells.  Broad Street Review noted SALT’s…“Pillars of Rumination (is) an intense and visually evocative dance segment.”

Human Landscape Dance presents Odysseus Comes Home, a duet performed by Amanda Abrams and Alexander Short depicting Odysseus and Penelope's first night together after his 20-year voyage. HLD will also perform an extended version of Icarus and Daedalus which recently appeared on the Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center.

Tickets are $22 general admission; $17 members/students/seniors/artists and public educators; and $8 children (17 and under). Call 202-269-1600 or

Ms. Mulgrew is lauded as “one of Philadelphia’s most prolific and conceptual dance makers” (Philadelphia Inquirer). SALT premiered as a full-length dance theater work at the Painted Bride, May 2009. It features a portable set of galvanized silver tubs, 100 lbs of salt on stage and drifting from piping, video clips, an eclectic sound score, and seven emotionally-charged vignettes. Intrigued by salt’s cross-cultural connections and its primal role in humankind, facts such as that; the ancient Egyptians included salt in their tombs, European women in the middle ages salted their husbands to become more virile, the mythical Chinese ruler Huandgi presided over the first salt war and in Japan, salt was sprinkled over the stage to protect the actors from evil spirits, served as trigger points for Mulgrew’s infatuation with salt’s power, influence and impact.

SALT showcases talented company dancers -- Joseph Cicala (founding member), Frances Gremillion, Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Leslie Ann Pike, Sean Rosswell and Kate Speer.

Malcolm Shute's work has been described as "…pitch-perfect and an element of humor and suspense is subtly added…" (Philadelphia Inquirer). His  Icarus and Daedalus explores the myth with special attention to the sometimes strained relationships of parents and children. Icarus danced by the stunning Amanda Abrams, flies in the arms of Daedalus. Daedalus is played by three dancers: Alex Short, Malcolm Shute, and Mary Szegda. Together, Daedalus carries, helps up, holds onto, swings, and variously supports Icarus, as a parent carries a child. This work includes a new section performed by Dance Place’s Repertory Class, featuring Shelley Alingas, Heather Doyle, Gretchen Dunn, Kaylie Hanson and, Shoshanna Sumka.

Odysseus Comes Home is a less heroic view of Odysseus and Penelope. It depicts how people who know each other rather well have to, from time to time, rediscover each other. After Odysseus's long absence, sharing a bed must have been awkward at first. This duet, set to Malcolm Shute’s gripping soundscore, is less a story of sexual compatibility, than of sleep compatibility. Set in a bed, Odysseus's first night back is fraught with mistrust. The couple ends slumped together, spent, but parallel.

Fusing modern dance, theater, music, technology and art, Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Co. celebrates its 25th season of dance-making. Known for its "highly imaginative" and "visually arresting" dance theater works and unusual collaborations, AMM & DCO,  an experimental modern dance troupe based in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 1986 by artistic director/founder Anne-Marie Mulgrew who has created sixty works for the company that have been seen nationally and in Canada. The company charms, provokes and informs audiences of all ages with its insightful and wacky views of the world. Visit us at

Human Landscape Dance is a contemporary dance company based in Washington DC. Our work is about relationships. We make dances that explore ways that people connect, disconnect, make nice, be cruel, make love, or make space for themselves. Touch is our medium. Bodies mold together in unexpected ways: a leg stretched across a shoulder, a thumb pressing under a chin, or two bodies so entwined that one covers the other completely. The human dance of love, hate, parting, and supporting are played out in different degrees of touch. Founded in 2006, Human Landscape Dance has since performed in cities along the east coast of the US, and in London UK. To learn more about us, visit our blog at

Artistic Directors Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Malcolm Shute met at Human Landscape Dance’s performance of Rituals of the First Year at Philadelphia’s Clark Park. The companies share a similar aesthetic. They have a penchant for performing works in public spaces, such as galleries, parks, subway stations, city streets, airports and fountains. On stage, the troupes create rich environments that evoke the cities in which they live. The first installment took place at The Painted Bride Art Center May 29-30, 2010.

AMM & DCO is funded in-part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Partner’s Stream Program administered through Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

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