The Month of Returning

It’s September and Washington is revving up again after the summer doldrums. The month has a sense of renewal to it that I can palpably feel, though my own life is so unstructured these days that not much changes for me. The only regularly scheduled thing I do—company rehearsals—did restart this month, though, after a break. I admit, I loved the August freedom to make Thursday night plans and spend Saturdays leisurely reading the paper or seeing friends. But it’s also nice to get back into the rhythm of something, to have a bit of structure again. Getting a chance to chat and catch up with Mac, Alex, and Florencia is great, but most of all I’m happy to be getting into my body again on a regular basis. We’re back on the ramp that creaks under our weight as we roll and shift, back to figuring out how to make our bodies do what Mac wants—leading with this body part, putting weight into that one—so that he can create the illusions he’s aiming for.



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