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Cooperating to Create the Illusion of Conflict or Communication as a Method of Injury Prevention

[This is a blog entry that the Organizational Health (OH) Committee at my company asked me to write.  My company is a training/organizational development company.]

The folks on the OH committee asked me to write something about dancing. I’m guessing they were thinking I would write something about how dancing has improved my well-being and makes me more productive in the office. However, what has really struck me lately is how good communication skills and team work have improved my dancing. So I’m going to write about that.

What is success in dance?

Some time back I collaborated with a friend on a series of duets. We were performing one of them in one of those showcase-type performances where a bunch of different choreographers show a dance or two. Her boyfriend was in the audience and happened to be sitting next to a well-known member of the dance community. The boyfriend knew the dancer. The dancer did not know the boyfriend. The boyfriend started a conversation with the dancer and asked her about the program. While going through the list of dances, she pointed to our duet and said, “This one is going to be good.

A Day of Great Misfortune

Saturday, June 20.  The day of the show.  The day of great misfortune.

I’m up early.  Not as early as Mac who’s made scrambled eggs for all while watching Maya.  We’re aiming to be at the gallery at 10 to space and tech.  As we walk out the door, Seema and Sushil drive up to offer us a ride to Victoria Station.  They drop us off in a no standing zone and we say thanks and goodbye as Seema runs to catch the car.

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