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Brief Note

Thanksgiving on Thursday, I can feel my mind wandering in anticipation. Just need a break.

Last week, we began work on a new section of January Dances. I have them sledding down the ramp. I don't know where this is going. It seems too simplistic. Yet it is physically challenging.

The gray sky outside the window presages November rain. The remaining leaves droop from the branches. Brick takes on a burnt luster under gray skies, seems harder, heavier. The rowhouses smear in the corner of my eye, huddling like bunkers. Sidewalks stream.

The Path to Sleep: Notes on a Philadelphia Dance Premiere

I get self-conscious about my dances sometimes. Looking out the window, I see a smattering of sunset leaves dangling tenuously at the ends of thin, black branches, tossed, curled, shaken--yanked upon by November wind. If art is everywhere, what is the point of making dances?

Philly Contact Improvisation

Sunday I took a trip up to Philly for a contact improvisation workshop with Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser. (Angie will be leading contact classes on Mondays in South Philly this November.)  Alex Short and Amanda Abrams were able to come along.

Dance Practice

I am puzzling over my dance practice and how it feeds my choreography. I consider my dance practice a solo form of authentic movement. After a slow warmup with Bartenieff Fundamentals and perhaps some traveling exercises, I find my way into an improvisation of anywhere from 15-40 minutes. I may have a particular concept to play with: for instance, moving from heart or exploring the connection between hand and scapula. The overall goal of my practice is to increase my awareness of my sensations.

From Fire to...? Gearing up for Philly Dance Show

Began work on Florencia’s solo last week. It is going in a direction I had not anticipated. Starting with the idea of isolating her fingers, to begin kindling a fire, I had Florencia wear a felt shirt that I happened to have brought with me. The shirt worked well as a cover. Contained within it, Florencia’s fingers were emphasized. But soon the character of the shirt became more compelling. Florencia was clearly retreating into its shell. She looked cold, as if trying to escape the wind.

Sickness and Dance

I seem to have caught my daughter's cold. It's a tickle in the throat that erupts, from time to time, in coughs that wrack the body like sobs. Ironically, my nose, which habitually bears the brunt of my illnesses, has not yet clogged up completely. I expect it to any day now.

In Search of Fire: New Section of Philadelphia Dance Premiere

Next week, I begin work on a short solo for Florencia, a section of our ongoing January Dances. I am caught by the image of fire. It's an overworked image, but still compelling. I am excited to try my hand at it.

Reflections: Philadelphia performance, Clark Park, 2008

Notes from Clark Park performance, Philadelphia, by Human Landscape Dance 7_12_08

Really nervous today! We wake up early and load platforms on the top of the car. Jen gets Maya ready because I'm too jittery to focus. We somehow manage to get on the road on time.

Reflections: Philadelphia Performance, Liberty Lands, 2008

7_13_08--A bit groggy to start. Spent the night with friends who have two 18-month-old boys. Never a quiet moment until bedtime! I look at 8.5-month-old Maya, who does not yet walk; who screams and cries sometimes, but is not constantly busy in the way that the boys were; who is still a roly-poly jellybean--I can't believe she will transform so much so soon!

Winterludes: Journey to a Philly Dance Premiere

Am contemplating a name change: Winterludes instead of January Dances. I like the gray, hard feel of the word January. Winterludes, however, implies dalliances, trysts--the feverish, lascivious, greedy side of winter. There is a sexy side to winter: a yearning to dwell longer in bed, a desire to cling to a warm body under cold sheets.

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