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Philly Contact Improv Class/Jam

Last night, Alex and I drove up to Philly to take a great contact class taught by Angie Hauser, followed by a jam.

Rehearsal Clips: Run-Up to Philadelphia Dance Performance

Just uploaded rehearsal clips from "January Night." It gives the flavor of the dance. (HTXT97R4BGAU)

Resolution: in the Weeks Before Philly Dance Show

I’m having trouble visualizing the end of January Night. How does it transform? What changes over the course of the dance?

The dance begins with Restless. The dancers are housebound and unable to settle. They shift and change shape, ice cracking. Then they break out, tossed head over heels, caught in gusts of wind. Their restlessness has become uncontainable.

9th Inning: Getting Ready for Philly Dance Performance

We’re coming to the end of January Night. At present, we are building the climactic moments, flying high upon the ramp, tumbling down to Earth. (We could almost call this Icarus.) I had been thinking that Alex and Amanda would exit, leaving me to sleep alone. Now I think we may all tangle together, finally succumbing to exhaustion. We need to diminish now, to dwindle from the heights.

Wide Awake: Finishing Premiere for Philadelphia Dance Performance

Watching the last section develop on video. It is gradually resolving into the seamless tumbling that I'm looking for. The figures dart and zoom, still with glitches, but already the older pieces are smoother.

Trip to Philadelphia's Group Motion Improvisation Workshop

On Friday, March 19, Amanda, Alex, and I took a trip up to Group Motion in Philadelphia. They hold lush dance improvisation workshops every Friday night.

Well, to start, we didn't leave enough time for Friday evening traffic. We were late and missed the meditation that starts the workshop. We warmed up in the hall outside. I had driven and had a stiff neck and shoulders.

Progress: in the Run-Up to Philly Dance Show




Busy Morning

These are the working titles for the four sections of “January Night.” We are progressing toward the end of the dance.

The last section is athletic! I worry a bit about this. On one hand, I really enjoy playing with the variety of movement options available to us within the framework. On the other hand, I worry about falling into the trap of making movement just because it’s pretty.

Identity Crisis: Getting Ready to Dance in Philly

Who am I in this dance? I am the odd man out. Amanda and Alex are lovers. Am I their child? Am I a friend, a housemate? Am I a brother?

After watching the video of our run at rehearsal, I have to wonder who my character is. He is the guy that Alex tumbles down the hill with when they both can't sleep. He is the guy who interrupts their duet by waking Amanda up out of her sleepwalking. He is the guy who lays with them in communal stupor at the beginning, who flips head over heels with them, before leaving them to their own room, their own bed. Am I the little brother, butting in?

Brainstorm: Developing Premiere for Philly Dance Performance

Brainstorming titles for last January Night section:

Section 1=Unsettled
Section 2=Sleepless
Section 3=Sleepwalk
Section 4=Morning Bells?

Post rehearsal, thinking about the new section. It's not a dream, but the imagery of birds helped me to find the movement I want. I worked with flocking, gathering the three of us together, then separating us in canon. This has a ragged feel, almost adversarial, like people getting in each other's way. Then there are moments of unity, still and clumped, birds on the branch just before one of them flies off.

Four-Year Check In

At a few rehearsals now, Alex has announced his belief that it takes four years to really know another person. This is not to say that you can't already be friends or that the getting-to-know-you process can't be absorbing and delightful, but, he says, it takes at least four years to really depend on someone because you know how they will act.

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