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Review of Philadelphia/Washington DC Exchange

By Merilyn Jackson at the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Philadelphia/Washington DC Exchange

Philly Dance Show on Saturday and Sunday!

I'm starting to get nervous. My time in the studio today was all about being careful. Poised on one foot, ready to fall, I extended out instead, then shifted weight in some more stable way. I'm afraid that I may want to perform well too much. It's not good to approach a performance by wanting to do well. You end up overdoing the movement, which makes you sloppy, bullish, ahead of your cues. Better to approach a performance with the peaceful attention of one about to sit down and write a letter.

Down to the Wire: One Week Before Philadelphia Dance Show

New video clip of January Night:

Inhale Philly Dance Concert

Last night I went to Philly with Alex to see the second Inhale concert for 2010. This is a performance series by a group of artists supported by the Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers org. The sponsored choreographers receive studio space and three performances with structured feedback from audience members.

Solo Improv: Two Weeks Before Philly Dance Premiere

Uploaded a solo improvisation I created yesterday afternoon. I see my whole career played out in this clip. Here is my fascination with inner experiences, sensations as text. Here is my delight in slowness contrasted with speed. Here is my yearning for control, and my yearning for freedom. Here is the modern technique of my past, augmented by Bartenieff Fundamentals and tai chi. Here I am: little me.

Drilling: Run Up to Philly Dance Show

We’ve got just a few weeks to drill our dances before the show. Closet Dances, which we premiered in DC last year, feels rather easy now. It’s rooted in our bodies. We have worked almost exclusively on January Night for the last 6 months, but it is new and parts of it still feel foreign.

We Are Like Snow: One Month Before Philadelphia Dance Show

We share characteristics of the snow that bound us in this February in DC. We move quickly, but slow everything down. We spread and cover (Alex is a blanket, I wrap up in a shirt), but we are separate parts, separate characters. Snow made us sleepy and slow, but also anxious and restless; so, too, Amanda walks in her sleep. While white, the snow seemed, rather, invisible, flecks that caught on eyelashes, haze that blew against your face as you walked. In the beginning of the dance, we lie upon the ramp, shifting slowly, a snowbank in blizzard: gradually heaping up, a blurry shape up ahead.

Storyline As of Today: 4 Weeks to Philadelphia Dance Premiere

The piece feels almost done now. There are still rough spots, but, in the main, it looks good.

Here is the story, as I see it. Three people are snowbound in their house at night. They can't sleep, so they twitch and fret, flail and stretch. They fight against their wakefulness.

Finished? Approaching Philadelphia Dance Performance

Spent Thursday and Saturday tinkering with the end of "January Night." At the tail end of the busy morning, rising and tumbling down the ramp and each other, we now incorporate a brief section of opening and shutting doors. The doors are our bodies. It's a brief transition, closing up the house, using the toilet, grabbing that last thing out of the bedroom, closing up the front door, leaving for the day.

Philly Contact Collective

Fun event with some pretty cool Philly groups:

April 30 // The Wolf Building // 8:00-11:55pm

Local choreographer and dancer Annie Wilson is hosting an evening of dance, music, and more music to fundraise for a journey to Amsterdam to study with Katie Duck ( The Philly Contact Collective will be there, dancing up a storm, and you should be too! Come support Annie, the PCC and the other amazing artists who are performing.

Red Light Special

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