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Reading Phenomenology Makes My Back Hurt

This material is dense! Even relatively accessible phenomenology takes time to digest. Reading while sitting, my mind wanders; instead, I walk. Thus, when wearing a backpack, my back feels sore after an hour or so.

Mary Szegda, Alex Short, and Malcolm Shute performing

Odysseus Comes Home

I have apparently entered a Greek myth period. We premiered "Icarus and Daedalus" at the Kennedy Center in March, we have begun a new quartet with the working title "Medusa," and I am coming to see our bedsheet duet as the first night back for Odysseus and Penelope after his voyage. I don't know why I should be drawn to these stories now. It may be that, as a symbolist, I simply cannot escape the influence of Graham.

Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

Human Landscape Dance invites people who attend our performance at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage, Wednesday March 23 from 6-7pm, to text comments during or after the show to this page. We can't wait to hear from you!

See These Four Walls online!

Icarus and Daedalus

"Icarus and Daedalus" is finished, at least for now. We're still polishing, but it has settled into a pattern. At around 8 minutes, it is a shorter dance than we usually put together--but it's an active 8 minutes! I leave the studio huffing and dragging.

Video Classes

Had a video shoot on Saturday. I taught classes for movers of all ages and skill levels. We explored major themes of the work of some of the pioneers of modern dance. It was a huge success! Many people came, the classes went well, and I was left thoroughly exhausted and pleased.

Malcolm Shute in January Night

New Venture

Starting a new venture and nervous! I plan to create some exercise videos, really dance classes with elements of Laban Movement Analysis and authentic movement. I really have no idea if anyone will use them, but the idea of creating them is exciting! They will be dance/fitness classes for everyone.

Amanda Abrams in

Stepping Stones

The last two rehearsals, we worked on Icarus. We are at a tricky phase. It's time for Amanda to ascend higher into the air, which functionally means standing upon Daedalus (played by Alex, Mary, and myself). Finding stable points on our bodies for Amanda to stand upon proves extremely challenging! I guess that's why so few people do it.

Connection Between Dancing and Teaching

I have many questions about the productivity of being both a choreographer/performer and a teacher. They seem to support each other, but also to get in each other's way.

Short Road to March Performance

I'm starting to feel nervous about the approaching performance in March. Planning backward, we need to start drilling the dances by mid-February. December is spotty at best for rehearsals, and November has holes in it for Thanksgiving. We have around two and a half months left to finish up "Icarus and Daedalus"--a demanding piece! I plan to pull the sheet dance together for July. It may just be too much to hope to complete it by March.

Time is always the big challenge. To make great work takes many hours. I always wish that I had more.


Had a minor revelation on Sunday: our sheet dance is not about an entire marriage; rather, it is about one night. Alex and Amanda fight over the sheet in bed. So far, this is a clear theme; others may emerge later on. I have toyed with alternate titles: Sheet Dance, Bedroom Dance, In the Bedroom, Bed Dance, Mine! I have not arrived at the right one yet.

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