Erica Rebollar & Friends in 40 and Up

Erica Rebollar and Malcolm Shute in Eurydice

Human Landscape Dance presents "Eurydice" on Saturday June 17 at 8pm, and Sunday June 18 at 4pm at Joe's Movement Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill Rd, Mount Rainier MD. This duet is part of Erica Rebollar & Friends in 40 and Up, a showcase of talented and seasoned veterans from the DC dance scene, including Erica Rebollar, Sharon Mansur, Helanius Wilkins, and Maida Withers.

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Choreographed in collaboration with Erica Rebollar, "Eurydice" views the myth of Orpheus from the woman's side. Orpheus has talked the god Hades into letting Eurydice return to the land of the living, on the condition that she not look into his eyes until they are free. But her freedom is bought at the cost of his domination--her very breath belongs to Orpheus. This dance questions the customary depiction of Eurydice as obedient and content, quietly following wherever Orpheus leads.